How do you delete a locked EDI FTP file? Follow


EDI FTP files can become locked, and will then keep EDI from being processed  for all users.  These directions will show you how to clear these files.


Clearing the File

To delete a locked file (which also tends to be a zero-byte file) on the EDI FTP server, you will need to connect to the EDI FTP server ( via Remote Desktop.  Log on using the local Administrator password listed for “ediftp” in KeePass:

Once you have logged on to the server, run the Process Explorer tool that is located under C:\Tools\ProcessExplorer. Locate the open file handle for the locked file by going to Find > File Handle or DLL…

In the “Process Explorer Search” dialog, enter in the name of the file that is locked and click Search. You should then see a result containing the path to the file and the process that has it locked, which should be “iFtpSvc.exe”. Select that result and the main Process Explorer window should jump to that process and the open file handle in the lower window pane.

Right-click on the corresponding file handle and choose “Close Handle” from the context menu. Process Explorer will prompt for confirmation, to which you will want to click “Yes”.

At this point, you should be able to browse to the directory with the locked file and do a SHIFT+DELETE on the file to delete it.

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