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GTS block end users from running all non-authorized software on the GTS Online servers.  When a new piece of software is authorized for use, it must be allowed in the Active Directory (AD) Group Policy.

NOTE:  Once the GTS Online environment has been upgrade to AD 2012, this document will become invalid.


Adding the Applications

In order to keep customer servers running smoothly and to limit non-business applications, GTS has restricted which software may be run on an LX Online server.  Should a customer need to use software that is not listed in the authorized software Group Policy, here are the steps to add the newly authorized program.  

  1. Identify the executable that the program uses.
  2. Log on to the GTSOLAD1 server as an administrator equivalent user.
  3. Open the Active Directory Users and Groups snap-in.
  4. Click the plus sign (+) next to GTSOnlineOU
  5. Right-click on xpLXOL, and select Properties from the drop-down menu.
  6. Select the Group Policy tab, and click the Open button.
    • The Group Policy Management program will launch.
    • Click on xpLXOL on the left side of the screen
    • Right-click on lxuserLX on the right side of the screen and select edit.
    • The Group Policy Object editor will launch
    • Under User Configuration, open  Administrative Templates
    • Select System
      • In the right hand list, double-click on Run Only Allowed Windows Applications, and click the Show button
      • Click the Add button, and enter the executable name of the program to allow access to run.
  7. When finished, close all windows, and log off of the server.
  8. Notify the user that they will need to log off and back on to use the allowed program.
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