Why am I getting a logon prompt when I try to connect a second computer to my GlasPac LX Server? Follow


When trying to connect a Workstation to a currently running GlasPac LX server, you are getting a prompt asking you to logon.  This prompt appears when the Workstation cannot reach the SQL Instance that you entered in the Server Setup screen.

These directions are based on the assumption that GlasPac LX is able to run on your SQL Server.


The Logon Screen

You may be seeing a screen similar to this:

GlasPac LX isn't actually asking for a password, this is just the screen the displays when the Workstation cannot see the SQL Server.



Verify your Connection Settings

Open the Server Setup screen:

  • Click once on the GlasPacLX icon on your desktop
  • Hold down the Shift key on your keyboard, and keep it held down until the Server Setup screen displays.
  • Double-click the GlasPacLX icon.

The following screen will display:

  • Verify the Server Name that is listed on line 1.  Make sure that the name of your SQL server is entered.  By default, when GlasPac LX is installed, an instance of SQL name GTS is created.  Make sure you enter your SQL Server's name followed by a \GTS like the example above.

Check Firewall setting on you SQL Server

  • On your SQL Server, make sure that either the Firewall is disabled, or you have allowed access for your SQL application through the firewall.
  • To test this, temporarily disable your Windows Firewall on the SQL Server.
  • Open Control Panel from your START menu.
  • Launch Windows Firewall
  • Click the Turn Windows Firewall on or off link at the left of the screen
  • Click on Turn off Windows Firewall on all of the sections.
  • Click OK

Test to see if the Workstation is able to connect to the SQL Server.  If it is able to connect, re-enable the Windows Firewall, and then follow the directions in the article below to allow SQL access:

How do I allow SQL connections through my Windows Firewall?

Enable Protocols for the GTS SQL Instance

  • GlasPac LX communicates remotely with the SQL application using two protocols:
    • Named Pipes
    • TCP/IP

The default setting for both of these protocols is Disabled.

All users must be out of GlasPac LX to complete these instructions

  • To Enable the protocols, click on START > All Programs > Microsoft SQL Server <version> >Configuration Tools, and then launch SQL Server Configuration Manager

  • Click on the triangle next to SQL Server Network Configuration (32bit)
  • Select Protocols for GTS
    • Right-click Named Pipes and click Enable
      • Click OK on the Warning message
    • Right-click TCP/IP and click Enable
      • Again, click OK on the Warning message
  • Select SQL Server Services on the left hand side of the screen
    • Right-click SQL Server (GTS), and select Restart
    • Once the Stopping service and Starting Service message have disappeared, test you connection from the Workstation.


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