How do I setup my state and local taxes? Follow

Example City & State

Taxes and Rates

New York, NY

  • State Taxes
    • New York 4%
  • County Taxes
    • Chautauqua 3.5%
    • Albany 4%
    • Nassau 4.25%
  • NYC 4.5%
    • Additional Taxes
    • Metropolitan Commuter Tax .375%

 Setup in GlasPacLX

  • Tax Venues
    • Counties + NYC
  • Taxes
    • One Rate/One Tax ID
  • Assign Taxes to Venues
    • State (all venues)
    • County (one venue)
    • MCT (NYC & Nassau)

Assigning Taxes

Taxes are handled on three different levels

  • Branch
    • All branches need default taxes
  • Tax by Zip
    • Taxes for jobs not performed ‘In-Shop’
  • Discount ID
    • Use for Special Cases only

Branch Setup

Tax rates set here will be used on orders that don’t meet the criteria for Tax by Zip or Discount ID taxing.

Orders for this Branch will start with this Tax Venue and the selected Tax codes.

Tax by Zip Setup

Tax by Zip is used for Mobile jobs and Deliveries outside the shop’s normal tax jurisdiction.

All taxes in a Venue are automatically selected when the Venue is added to the zip code.

New taxes need to be activated manually.

Discount Tax Setup

Used for customers with specific Tax Exceptions.

These settings will override both the Branch Default and Tax by Zip.

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