Retrieving missing LX Mobile photos Follow

The process will be similar, but the file structure/names may vary depending on the version

  1. On the Android Device in the Apps Menu find the ‘Files’ or ‘My Files’ app.
  2. Navigate to the mobilelx data folder – In this example it is located in MyFiles/Storage/sdcard0 (this part is specific to the phone).
  3. Once the mobilelx data folder has been located, the attachments for a specific work order will be located in images/<work order date>/<work order number>

    (For this example the full file path is My Files/Storage/sdcard0/mobilelx/images/2013-4-8/W981003215)

    They may need to go into the folder for the WO first, then select the individual images

  4. Select the photos to be sent and tap the Share icon
  5. Select Messaging from the Share Via menu
  6. Enter an email address in the contact line and tap the Send icon
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