Glaxis Setup and Com App Troubleshooting Follow

Several reasons could cause the Comm App not to receive dispatches:

  1. Comm App is not running or is using the older version.
  2. Not activated in the Glaxis company profile. (highly unlikely) Check here first, though:
  3. Comm App Tool settings are empty due to a database restore. Check the General Tab, and ensure they are not in Test Mode.


If they are, use the Glaxis information for their company to type the Parent PID, the password, the Shop, the phone #, and then save the window. Resend the dispatch they are missing (as long as it’s not more than seven days old) through Main Menu Options > Support > Resend Dispatches in the Glaxis tool.

  1. Branch settings do not have the destination PIDs and Lynx IDs:


Our customer would have their Company name in the Description box and the number circled in red below instead of the 1234 in the Lynx ID box. Make sure you click on the greyed company name in Communication IDs area to see the Lynx, etc. information.


Finally, resend the dispatch and it should show up.

Com App won’t work

Sometimes, this is due to a weird running environment – like running on a consul instead of regular.

Follow this link: http://gtsx/clearspacex/docs/DOC-3760

These are helpful notes from a ticket: Comm app terminal server 2008 - Sent comm folder per Matta instructions and overwrote original. Unreg reg comapp and started service. Now able to open com app settings. Input info and has new dispatches. - User does not like duplicate deletion - told was part of the app.

Link Lynx to a Company or Company Branch

Enter Fed Tx ID and Lynx Dispatch from LX. Click LOOKUP.


Select a glass shop from the Assign To Shop arrow. Scroll to the bottom of the screen, if necessary, select a GO Live Date:, and then click UPDATE.

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