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When creating a Payment Terms record in GlasPac LX (LX) or MS Dynamics GP (GP) for a COD or CASH terms type that is to be due immediately you must enter a valid Due (GP) or Due Date (LX). This field can not be left blank or have None as the selection. Having this set to None or blank will cause an error for the invoice posting to the GL. To get a due date equal to the invoice date set:


The customer that was created does not have a valid terms code in the customer master record.

GlasPac LX

Click on Accounting > Payment Terms > Create New Terms Code or Edit Terms Code

Due Date: Net Days and 0 days

Setting up Payment Terms

Use the following instructions to create payment terms, which define the aging of an invoice on account when reported on statements and receivable statistics. The payment terms codes you enter here are shared between GlasPacLX and MS Dynamics GP.

  • From the GlasPac LX menu bar, select Accounting, and then Payment Terms to display the following window.

  • In the “Terms ID” field, enter Terms ID. This is usually an abbreviated version of the payment terms description.
  • In the “Description” field, enter the payment terms description that can be used on forms and documents.
  • In the “Due Date” field, use the drop-down menu to select a payment due date (e.g., net days, day of month, end of month, and day of next month). Then in the corresponding field, enter the preferred number of days or the date, as needed.
  • In the “Discount Date” field, enter the discount date (e.g., number of days, day of month, and end of month). Then in the corresponding field, enter the preferred number of days or the date, as needed.
  • In the “Discount Type” field, enter the type of discount (e.g., percent or amount). Then in the corresponding field, enter a percentage or dollar amount, as needed.
  • When satisfied, select the Save button. This data is now available to assign to a customer master record, and is transmitted to the Dynamics GP system for proper aging of the open item invoices.

NOTE: Cash or Net terms must still have a DUE Date of NET Days with a number of 0. Leaving it as none does not allow the system to calculate the due date. This is also a condition in Dynamics GP.

Customer Setup

Verify the customer master record in LX has a valid terms code.

Dynamics GP

MS Dynamics GP > Tools > Setup > Company > Payment Terms

 Due: Net Days and 0 days

 TO FIX existing GP documents in a Batch:

 Open the invoice in the Batch that is having the problem.

Click on the blue field -> to the right of  "Terms Discount Taken"  fill in the Due Date & Discount Date as appropriate.  If it was a cash sale, then make the due date the same day as the invoice.  If it is net 30, make the due date 30 days into the future.

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