What is the process to obtain a GTS Online database backup? Follow


Occasionally a customer will have an issue that Support, Implementation or Development needs to test against.  A copy of the customer's database is necessary to ascertain the problem.  This document reviews the two methods of obtaining the backup:

  1. Nightly backups from a previous day
  2. A live backup of their currently running database


Nightly backup retrieval

Nightly backups are stored on Data Domain devices, and then synchronized between the two datacenters.  These file can be obtained by opening a network connection to one the following locations:

Salt Lake:\backup\DC2BCK

The usernames and passwords for these file shares is located in the Systems Team KeePass file.

Locate the shared SQL server name from the list of folders.  Open the Daily folder, and then open the folder corresponding to the SQL Database name used by the customer.  Copy out the file for the date needed and paste it to your local computer.  Once it has been copied from the datacenter, then copy it over to DevServer and notify the requester of where you have saved the file.


Making an Ad Hoc backup from a shared SQL Server

Review the Account Hardware tab in SalesLogix to identify the shared SQL Server on which the customer's database is running.

  • Logon to DC1Support1 with your admin credentials.
  • From the START menu select All Programs > Microsoft SQL Server 2008 > SQL Server Management Studio.
  • At the Connect to Server screen, enter the following information:
    • Server type: Database Engine
    • Server name: Server name or IP address (makes sure to add \GTS for the database instance if necessary)
    • Authentication: SQL Server Authentication
    • Login: sa
    • Password: Check with Support or Systems for the password

  • Once you are logged in, locate the database under the Databases folder.
  • Right click on the database, and select Tasks > Back Up…

  • Put a check in the Copy Only Backup
  • Under Destination, click the Disk radio button.

  • Click Add to select a file location for the backup.
    • Click on the ellipsis button (. . .), to browse to a location (note: You will be browsing on the server where the SQL database is located, so choose the C:\GTS\GlasPacLX\DB\Bak folder).
    • Enter a name for the backup. Make sure you type .bak at the end of the name, and then click OK
  • Click on the Options button at the top left of the backup window.
  • Change the Overwrite media option from Append to Overwrite. Click OK to start the backup.
  • The new backup file will now be located on the customer’s server in the folder you selected during the backup process. You can now continue with the instructions above for moving the data to your computer or the DevServer.


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