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The GlasPac LX Internal Warehousing feature lets your retail branch stores generate stocking and work order POs to order parts directly from a designated branch warehouse.

Internal Warehousing brings many concepts that are completely new to GlasPac LX . We hope the information provided here will make learning this new feature easy for you to grasp. As you set up for internal warehousing, think of your retail branches as customers and your warehouse branch as a vendor.

Internal Warehousing Setup

These instructions are intended to be used for single branch warehouse setup. In the event that you have multiple branch warehouses, simply follow the same instructions for making the connections between the retail branches and each additional warehouse branch.

  1. Set up a Warehouse Branch.
    Create a warehouse branch from which your other retail branches will purchase parts.
  2. Set up Retail Branch Discounts.
    Set up special discounts or markups for when your retail shops purchase products from your warehouse branch.
  3. Set up Retail Branch Ship To Locations.
    Set up a ship to location in each of your retail branches.
  4. Set up Customer Types.
    Set up a customer relationship between retail branches and the warehouse branch(es), we need to identify “Branch” as a customer type.
  5. Set up Retail Branches / Ship to Customers.
    Set up retail branch “customers” of the warehouse branch, each with its own ship to location, and link it to the Branch discount while in the warehouse branch.
  6. Set up Warehouse Vendors.
    Identify your warehouse branch as a vendor from which you will purchase parts.
  7. Verify Default IC Location is setup correctly in Inventory Control Configuration for the Warehouse Branch. All inventory in the warehouse must be received into the Default IC Location to display quantity on hand when branches are sourcing parts from work orders.

Verify that you have Branch Sharing enabled for your retail shops to be child branches of the warehouse

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