Changing the date and time in Breakaway Follow


The purpose of this document is to explain how to change the date on a jBase system running Breakaway

  • If jBASE online customer refer request to Systems. Otherwise continue on with instructions.
  • Log into an account and go to root by typing: >su (password) then to display current date and time type in the following command;
  • Date to display current date and time. As an example: root@iamback RETAIL-7.0-USER.01# date Fri Mar 9 16:39:45 PST 2007
    • o To change the date and or time it must be in the following format: #date (Format MMDDhhmm) Translates to MM=MONTHE DD=DAY hh=hour mm=minutes. Example is from current date and time: 03/09/07 16:39:21 changing one hour to 17:40 would look like this at root: root@iamback RETAIL-7.0-USER.01# date 03091740. Translates to 03=month 09=day 17=hours in military time 40=minutes.
    • o Then type "date" again to see the new date and time.
    • o Then type exit to get back to the user account then log out.
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