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  1. Nightly Scheduled Job (“job1.bat” in the C:\scripts folder) runs data import to local SQL DB.
  2. Source file comes into the C:\inetpub\ftproot folder and is copied into the c:\data\save directory by the job1.bat series of batch files and then processed by subsequent batch files as SQL data imports.   We seem to get the source file pushed to us only on weekdays (5 times a week, Mon-Fri)


All Star may call and report that their searches are not working. Most likely cause is that the import didn’t process correctly and may need to be re-run. Recommended Steps:

  1. Copy the previous night’s data file from the C:\data\save directory (will look like NG_ALLSTAR_datacall_2011-08-23-12-03.txt.pgp so the date stamp is obvious) back to the C:\inetpub\ftproot directory and rename so it looks like (using the previous example) NG_ datacall_2011-08-23-12-03.txt.pgp (i.e. remove the ALLSTAR_ from the middle of the name).
  2. Run the job1 job manually in the Scheduler. This will take about 15-20 minutes to run. It is processing a file that is about 95MB.
  3. To verify the web site is working, you can open SQL Express Mgt Studio, login using Windows credentials, and review the data in the IVT.dbo.Policy table to get search criteria for VIN, policy number, or phone number (phone number searches on the web site are without dashes).
  4. The URL for the Mercury Insurance Verification Tool is

 If the above does not work, you may have a bad data file from Mercury Insurance.   You may need to either restore from the previous night’s data file (per the instructions above) or get a new one pushed by Mercury (you’ll need to contact All Star to contact Mercury should that be necessary). Normally the previous night’s data file is okay for a single day until the next one is pushed.





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