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This document describes how to setup customers and agent to receive notification.  If you have not read through the previous articles in the string you may want to click on the link under Return to main document.


Setting up Customers and Agents

At this point, if you have Email Notifications turned on, templates created, the branch emails configured…

You can store emails addresses on the organizations (customers and/or agent) or on contacts within each organization:

  • The customer (or agent) record:

NOTE: If you have a customer that you do NOT want to send Email Notifications for (ie: they don’t want to receive them, or fleet account that you do a ton of work for), then you can turn OFF all Email Notifications for this organization by un-checking the checkbox in the Miscellaneous section.

  • Contacts within a customer (or agent) record:



Once in a document (quote, workorder, etc.), emails addresses will be automatically populated from the organization (customer or agent), if available. You can also directly enter or edit the email addresses directly on the order (on either the Customer or ECI tabs):

Customer tab (F6):

ECI tab (F4):

In the Order, you have the option to turn Email Notifications OFF on the Save/Print (F9) tab by un-checking the checkbox:

NOTE: If this setting is inactive on the order that means that one or more of the previous configurations are not set (ie: branch setup, customer/agent turned off, etc.) – review the above checklist for this branch, customer, agent, order, etc. and make sure all is set.


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