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The purpose of this document is to describe the services available to GTS customers for supported VPN router devices as well as monitoring and support policies for VPN tunnels between GTS and customer locations. 

Supported VPN Devices 

GTS supports a limited number of VPN router devices to facilitate customer access to GTS Online and the Internet. Currently supported devices are as follows: 

  • Fortinet Fortigate 20C, 30B, 40C, 50B, 60C, 80C, 100D, 200A, 200B
  • Fortinet FortiWiFi 20C, 40C, 60C, 60CM

 Installation Support

GTS provides limited installation support services for these VPN devices. The amount of time required for VPN router setup/installation (and the logistics for setup) is billable and may vary with the complexity of the customer’s needs and quoted accordingly in consultation with the customer.

Hardware Support

GTS does not provide hardware replacement or repair services. Customers are highly encouraged to keep their VPN router equipment on maintenance agreements with the appropriate hardware manufacturer(s) or their authorized representatives to ensure access to manufacturer technical support, firmware/software updates, and rapid hardware replacement in the event of device failure. Customers who cannot tolerate downtime should also consider the option of having spare hardware device(s) on hand for rapid replacements. GTS can provide assistance in locating the appropriate avenues for obtaining maintenance contracts for the devices we support.

General VPN Router Support 

GTS Services provides configuration and troubleshooting support for products on the above “Supported VPN Devices” list that provide Internet or site-to-site connectivity for GTS customers. We do not provide support for full customer networks such as internal network switches/routers, wireless access points, etc. GTS technicians will configure VPN routers according to our own field-tested configuration standards. Customers requesting assistance should be prepared to assist GTS techncians in accessing their device with desktop sharing software (GoTo Assist or similar) or allow remote administrative access to the device via the Internet. 

GTS Services provides VPN router support for devices in the above Supported Devices list as follows: 

  • Normal Business Hours
    • Support is available 5am to 5pm Pacific time Monday through Friday, GTS-specified holidays excepted.
    • Support services is billed at a rate of $150/hr, ½ hour minimum, and provided only to current GTS customers.
    • GTS customers should contact support@gtsservices.com (email) or call 800-563-8555 for assistance.
  • After Hours Support
    • Available outside of the above Normal Business Hours.
    • Provided on an on-call basis. Response time is normally 30 minutes but may vary.
    • After hours services are billed at a rate of $245/hr, ½ hour minimum, and provided only to current GTS customers.
    • Customers requiring after hours support should call 800-563-8555 to engage GTS support.

VPN Connection monitoring

For customers with hardware-based IPSEC VPN connections to GTS Online, GTS will use industry-standard network tools to proactively monitor uptime and health of these connections. During normal business hours (5am to 5pm Pacific time Monday through Friday, GTS-specified holidays excepted), GTS will actively address problems with these connections, advising customer when problems are detected and working with customers to resolve issues as quickly as possible. Since many of our customers use Internet broadband connections that are often under maintenance during off-hours and weekends, we do not perform proactive troubleshooting activity for VPN tunnels outside of normal business hours. However, these issues are logged and will be appropriately addressed during business hours if down connections do not correct on their own.


To facilitate GTS support of customer VPN routers, we just assume the following: 

  1. Customers will manage the relationship and facilitate communication with their internet service provider(s).
  2. Customer must be prepared to assist GTS technicians in accessing their VPN device with desktop sharing or by allowing remote administrative access to their device(s) via the Internet.
  3. Customers who rely on GTS for VPN router support are expected to coordinate all changes in consultation with GTS technicians. GTS may decline to provide support if a customer permits third-parties to access or make device configuration changes that impacts the integrity of the GTS-generated device configuration.
  4. Customers must keep VPN router equipment on maintenance agreements or have spare devices available to facilitate rapid replacement in case of failure.
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