How do I setup my Okidata ML 320 Turbo printer for GlasPac LX? Follow

Resetting to Factory Defaults and then Setting the Top of Form – Short Procedure

  1. Press and hold both the SELECT and QUIET/TOF buttons together. Keep them pressed for steps 2 & 3.
  2. Turn the printer off.
  3. Turn the printer back on.
  4. Release the SELECT and QUIET/TOF buttons once the printer is powered on and print head stops moving.
  5. Press and release The paper will back out of the printer almost completely.
  6. Press and release FF/LOAD. The paper will load into position. It still needs to be futher adjusted.
  7. Press and hold the SHIFT While the SHIFT key is pressed press and hold the LF | MicroFeed Down button. The printer roller will move slowly making a soft clicking. Hold the key LF | MicroFeed Down button until the printer will not move further.
  8. Release LF | MicroFeed Down
  9. Release SHIFT
  10. Press and release SELECT SEL above the Select light should light up. The printer is ready to use.

Setting the Auto Tear Off

  1. Hold down SHIFT and hit SELECT to enter Menu Mode. This will illuminate the MENU light on the face of the printer.
  2. Press the GROUP button once (LF button). The printer will print:

Printer Control            Emulation Mode       IBM PPR.

  1. Press the SET button, the printer should print:

Printer Control            Emulation Mode       EPSON FX.

  1. Press GROUP three times to until the printer prints the following:

Rear Feed            Line Spacing         6 LPI.

  1. Press ITEM button once (FF/LOAD button). The printer should print:

Rear Feed            Form Tear-Off        Off.

  1. Press SET button once to change form tear off (TEAR button). When you are done, the printer will read:

Rear Feed            Form Tear-Off        500ms.

  1. Hold SHIFT and tap the MENU The MENU light should go off.

Note: If you have an issue getting into or out of MENU mode. Turn the printer off and then on again and try again.

When installing this printer use the following driver downloaded from the Microsoft download site

Okidata ML 320 Turbo/D (IBM)

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