How do I change Sales Taxes in GlasPac LX? Follow

When a sales tax increase or decrease occurs, create a new tax code to recognize the changed sales tax. This protects current invoices and cash sales in the event of a refund.

How do we enter tax code changes in GlasPacLX?

  • Select Company > Tax Maintenance.
  • Click Create New Tax Code.
  • Enter a Tax ID that is descriptive for the tax code. For example, if the old tax code was WA and was for 7%, the new tax code could be WA6 to distinguish it as the 6% tax.
  • Enter a description.
  • Enter a tax agency in the Agency. Use the old tax code’s agency if necessary.
  • Select the tax G/L Account
  • On the Percentage Rate Rules tab, enter the tax rate. For example, 6 for 6%.
  • Check the appropriate TaxProductType, Is Taxable options
  • Select the SourceForBasis on which tax should be calculated.

  • On the Tax Venues tab, check the appropriate IsIn box for the TaxVenueID.

  • Click Save.
  • Click Close on the Tax Code Finder
  • Select Company > Branch Setup.
  • Click the branch where the tax change affects.
  • Click Edit Branch.
  • On the Applicable Taxes tab, click the USE box to remove the check mark from the old Tax ID.
  • Check the USE box for the new Tax ID.

  • Click Save.

NOTE: If using Discount-based taxes, make sure to edit all discounts to use the new tax.

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