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From the GlasPac LX menu bar, select Company > Settings.  Under the  Application Settings section click on Email/Fax Configuration.

Each email provider has specific Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP), Port and Login requirements. You may need to contact them to get this information.

  1. For the SMTP Server field, type in your own email provider information
    • If you have a Gmail or Yahoo account you can choose the Select Email Provider link to choose from available default email providers.
  1. The "Port Number" field may automatically populate according to the SMTP server you selected.
  1. Use the Login Required option if your email provider requires it (e.g., Gmail™). If selected, you will need to enter the user name and password associated with your SMTP server.
  1. Select the Use secure login option if your email provider requires a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption protocol.
  1. In the User Name field, enter the user name that you use with your SMTP server. Note: For Gmail™ this is the part of the email address before the @ symbol.
  1. In the Password field, enter the password associated with your user name and SMTP server. Note: For Gmail™ this is the password you enter to log into Gmail™.
  1. In the From Address field, enter the email address from which emailed orders are to be sent.
  1. In the CC field, enter the email address where you would like carbon copies of the customer orders sent to you. Note: This may be the same as your entry in the "From Address" field. Note: This is not required if using Gmail™; the sent items are in the sent folder.

Testing Your Settings

  1. Select the Test button. 
  1. In the blank field, type an email address of the mailbox to which you want the test email sent and click the OK.   An email called "Test email from GlasPac LX" from your email account will appear in your Inbox. Note: If you do not see the test email in you inbox, make sure to check your Junk Mail folder.

Note for those using gmail

Email Setup: If you're planning on using a gmail account, be sure to first confirm gmail settings via a browser login at You will need to enable certain features in gmail, depending on whether or not you've set up 2-step verification as a security measure.

Related Link#1: Allowing Less Secure Apps to access your account. <- If you don't use 2-step verification

Related Link#2: Google Sign-in using App Passwords. <- Creating a password, enabling / disabling 2-step verification


Setting up Customer accounts

  1. From the GlasPacLX menu bar, select Customers Customer Maintenance.  Select a Customer that you want to be able to email.

  1. Fill in the customer information as normal.
    • If you use a Short Name other than CASH (i.e. Joes Construction), you will be required to enter an email address in the customer maintenance window for that customer. 
    • If you use the Short Name CASH then you will be able to enter email addresses in the orders.
  1. In the Miscellaneous section, select the options you want to apply to the order at the time of saving (i.e., Email, or Print). Note: Only the options that have been configured in Email Configuration settings will be available to check. In addition, these options directly affect the name on the Save/Print {F9} button during the order entry process.
    • For cash (walk-in) customers, you can choose the options (e.g., Email, Fax, and Print) and leave the Email field blank. This lets you enter a fax or email address on the order itself in the customer screen. If it is not a cash customer and you select the Email or Fax number, then an email or Fax number is required in the customer account.

  2. Click Save to confirm your changes.  You will now be able to send emails with your orders attached.






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