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The purpose of this document is to describe the services available to GTS customers for server, personal computer, and accessory hardware purchased from GTS Services.

Hardware Support

GTS sells and supports a limited range of servers, personal computers, and accessories (including printers and backup devices) to assist customers with the implementation of their on-premise GTS software solutions and to facilitate access to GTS Online.

GTS does not provide hardware replacement or repair services. Customers are highly encouraged to keep their server and PC equipment on maintenance agreements with the appropriate hardware manufacturer(s) or their authorized representatives to ensure access to manufacturer technical support and rapid hardware replacement in the event of equipment failure. Customers who cannot tolerate downtime should also consider the option of having spare hardware on hand for rapid replacements. GTS can provide assistance in locating the appropriate avenues for obtaining maintenance contracts for the devices we sell to our customers.

Installation Support

GTS provides remote installation support services for equipment that we sell to our customers. The amount of time required for configuration (and the logistics for set up) will vary with the complexity of the customer’s needs and quoted accordingly in pre-sales consultation with the customer.

General Support

GTS Services provides only configuration and troubleshooting support for GTS purchased hardware. We do not perform hardware replacement, repair services, or provide spare parts. While we will provide some support for equipment issues related to network connectivity, we do not provide support of full customer networks such as internal network design and configuration, internal switches/router hardware, internal connectivity issues, cabling, etc.

GTS technicians will configure hardware and install GTS software according to our own field-tested standards. Customers requesting assistance for on-premise equipment should be prepared to assist GTS technicians in accessing their device with desktop sharing software (GoTo Assist or similar) or allow remote administrative access to the device(s) via the Internet.

GTS Services provides hardware configuration and troubleshooting support as follows:

  • Normal Business Hours
    • Support is available 5am to 5pm Pacific time Monday through Friday, GTS specified holidays excepted.
    • Support for GTS software is provided under the provisions of your software support contract with GTS. Hardware support services are billed at a rate of $150/hr, ½ hour minimum, and provided only to current GTS customers. GTS technicians will advise customers in advance if support is outside the bounds of their software support contract and becomes billable.
    • GTS customers should contact support@gtsservices.com (email) or call 800-563-8555 for assistance.
  • After Hours Support
    • Available outside of the above Normal Business Hours.
    • Provided on an on-call basis. Response time is normally 30 minutes, but may vary.
    • After hours services are billed at a rate of $245/hr, ½ hour minimum, and provided only to current GTS customers.
    • Customers requiring after hours support should call 800-563-8555 to engage GTS support.


To facilitate GTS support of customer hardware, we just assume the following:

  1. Customers will manage the relationship and facilitate communication with their hardware maintenance service provider(s).
  2. Customer must be prepared to assist GTS technicians in accessing their equipment with desktop sharing or by allowing remote administrative access to their device(s) via the Internet.
  3. Customers will keep equipment on maintenance agreements or have spare devices available to facilitate rapid replacement in case of failure. GTS does not stock hardware for customer repairs or replacements.
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