What should I be aware of in GlassQuoter? Follow

'Show Cheapest' or 'Show All' parts option can only be changed while in GlassQuoter.com Portal mode (GTS hosted web page), not in Web Quoter Control mode (when embedding the GlassQuoter control into an existing web page). If you are using Web Quoter Control mode, you must switch to Portal mode, make the change, and then switch back to Control mode.

When you make any non monetary changes to GlassQuoter (such as supported zip codes, company phone #, color scheme), you will need to make sure that last step is going to the 'Pricing' tab, making sure to change something that has to do with pricing. The recommended method is to change the 'Plus amount' field, and then change the 'Web Coupon' by the same amount.  This way the change in price is neutralized. Then hit Finished.  A Changes Detected Window will open asking if you would like to "update your settings to the web server. Do you wish to do that now?" - This is the only way to force the program to initiate the upload.

  • Have the ComApp Admin Tool open and watch for a GlassQuoterConfig Success message. (1-2 min)
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