What should I know about the GlassQuoter.com Configuration Wizard? Follow

Service area, discount, and alternate price list data is uploaded to the customer's GlassQuoter portal which is hosted on a GTS server.

Service area zip code list is stored on the GTS hosted GlassQuoter portal server. Therefore any zip codes manually added to the list in LX will show up in the servicing area portion of the GlassQuoter wizard, but WILL NOT be recognized by the GlassQuoter control on their web page.

The customer's GlassQuoter portal is keyed to their GlasPacLX registration Serial Number.

Data upload is initiated when clicking the <NEXT> button on the Exclude Prefixes screen or when clicking <FINISH> on any screen in the wizard.

Data upload is only initiated if no data has been uploaded to the portal previously, or a change has been made to any values within the wizard.

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