How do I get set up with EDI and eXpress for GlasPac LX? Follow

Thank you for your purchase of the GlasPac®LX System! One of the benefits that your new software provides you is the ability to use EDI and eXpress (or, Glaxis) through your new system. In order for GTS Services to set up your business on these transaction platforms, we require some information unique to your business. Please copy the information below (filling in the appropriate fields) and paste it into a reply email to Customer Support / Customer Success.

To receive electronic dispatches or order glass through Glaxis, please fill out the following:

Company Name: ______________________________

Contact Name: _______________________________

Contact Phone Number: ____________________________

Contact Fax Number: ______________________________

Contact Email Address: _____________________________

Lynx Dispatch Number (any dispatch you have ever received from Lynx will work): ______________________________

Federal Tax ID Number: ______________________________

To send invoices for payment to trading partners electronically though EDI, please fill out the following information for the trading partners that you do business with. For a complete list of trading partners, please see the reverse side of this form:

Federal Tax ID Number (if not supplied above): ______________________________

Safelite Parent ID Number (If you do not have one and would like to get one, please call Safelite at 614-602-2120 or email them at ______________________________

Meemic Shop ID Number (if applicable): ______________________________

AAA Of Michigan Parent ID Number (if applicable): ______________________________

Country Companies Parent ID Number (if applicable): ______________________________

Teleglass National Parent ID Number (if applicable): ______________________________

Commerce Insurance (if applicable): ______________________________

Please fill out only the information that applies to your business, and if you have any questions, please do give us a call at 503-684-5066. If you do not have any of the required information at this time, please fill in what you can and contact our support department when you’re able to bring us up-to-date.

Return FAX to (503) 598-9730   ATTN: Support


As of January 14, 2015, the following companies are actively accepting EDI transactions from GTS Services. If you will be using any Trading Partners that require an ID# (the four highlighted below), please fill in that number below and return to GTS as discussed on the previous page.

(001) State Farm Insurance (Canada Only)
(005) Lynx
(007) Rural (Wisconsin Farm Bureau)
(008) Concord Insurance
(010) Western Farm Bureau
(011) West Bend Mutual Insurance
(017) Hastings Mutual Insurance
(020) Indiana Farm Bureau
(029) Commerce Insurance
(038) MEEMIC (requires Meemic Shop ID)
(040) MSI
(041) TransAmerica Glass
(042) AAA Of Michigan (requires Parent ID from AAA Michigan)
(043) Secura Insurance
(044) Safelite 3rd Party Billing (requires Parent ID)
(045) Country Companies (requires Vendor ID from Country Companies)
(046) PEMCO
(048) General Casualty
(049) Michigan Millers
(050) Acuity
(053) Pioneer (through Quest)
(054) Harmon Solutions
(055) Auto Owners
(056) Teleglass National
(057) The Glass Network
(044) Alliance Claims Solutions – EDI Assigned ID: 00408


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