How do I setup GlasPac LX for Canadian Customers? Follow

For our friends up North, settings to make in order for LX to work for them:

Country: Canadian Mode

  • Company > Settings > Branch Settings > General Branch Settings

Canadian Provinces: so that they will show up in address lists through the system

  • Lists > Provinces (or States if you haven’t yet turned on Canadian mode) > Add Canadian Provinces

(Flat / Glazier Customers ONLY) – Thicknesses: If they was to add additional thickness options to their list (ie: MM instead of inches), they can add them.

  • Products > Flat Glass Thicknesses > Insert/Delete Items (or resort display order)

Computer date format: Canadian dates default to DD/MM/YY, LX operates assuming MM/DD/YY, so the customer needs to change the date format on all computers (or on the server for online customers)

  • Start > Control Panel > Change the date, time, or number format

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