Integrated Sourcing: Functionality Follow

Order Entry Workflow is complimented by the new Integrated Sourcing functionality. Once a part is placed on an order, GlasPac®LX will automatically query online vendors for part availability.

The results, including availability in the branch or an internal warehouse, will appear in the Source Parts window. Users will also be able to see results for other colors and interchanges.

Once the results of the query are received, the Source Parts button will become available. Click on the Source Parts button to view the results of the inquiry. As a visual queue for the user to manually check the boxes to view the response results, they will see a status in the Action column of Unavailable if the part on the order is not available.

If the online vendor is selected as the sourcing option, a Purchase Order will be created and order submitted electronically to GLAXIS upon clicking Source Parts. Upon return to the ECI/Estimate screen, the IC Status will show as In Transit.

The IC Status will be color coded based on the inquiry results:

  • Available (blue) = Part is available, but it will need to transferred from another location (i.e. neighbor branch or warehouse)

  • Available (green) = Part is available in the branch (on location)

  • Buyout = Part is not available internally, but is available from a vendor (if Forced Sourcing is checked in IC Configuration)

Once the parts are received, the IC Status will show as Sourced.


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