Order Entry Workflow: Functionality Follow

With Workflow enabled and activated, the Workflow (or sidebar) and Order Entry (ECI Screen) Windows will launch. The default workflow steps, defined in Workflow Process Setup, and required fields, are displayed. The Workflow Window can be resized to properly fit the screen. The size and position are saved in personal settings. The workflow will change based on the customer type upon selecting a Bill To ID. The workflow steps in the sidebar will remain highlighted until all required fields have been populated.
The Order Entry Window (ECI Screen) consists of the following sections.

  • Customer Data
  • Vehicle and Parts Estimate
  • Sales Information
  • Insurance Data (if Job Type = Insurance)
  • Weekly Scheduler

To include the Weekly Scheduler on the ECI screen, Include Weekly Scheduler with Estimate/Customer/Insurance (ECI) needs to be checked in Scheduler Settings under Application Settings

With the new Workflow functionality, the Bill To ID field can now be set as a Required Field. Setting the Bill To ID as a required field is done in Required Field Options under the Branch Settings. The Default Customer Type for Required Fields needs to match customer type to which the Default Workflow is assigned.

Note: Setting the Bill To ID as a Required Field can also be applied to traditional order entry.

The manner in which the user can proceed through order entry is based on security settings. If Order Entry: Allow Open Navigation of Workflow Process is checked, the user is free to navigate from screen to screen without satisfying the required fields. The tabs (as seen in traditional order entry) will also be available in open navigation.

The “Previous” button will be disabled on the first step of each workflow and the “Next” button disabled on the final step.

If Order Entry: Allow Open Navigation of Workflow Process is not checked, the user must populate all required fields before moving to the next step in the process. The tabs will be disabled and appear as blank and grayed out.



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