Order Entry Workflow: Setup and Configuration Follow

Users now have the ability to customize the order entry process for more intuitive and efficient quoting. Multiple, customized workflows, displayed in a Web browser, can be created to accommodate various customer types. The sequence in which info needs to be gathered is presented based on the Bill To ID, which allows the CSR to collect information in a defined order, thus reducing the risk for error and confusion throughout the entire order entry process.

The new Workflow functionality is enabled in General Application Settings by checking Enable Workflow Process.

Upon enabling the workflow process, proceed through the steps listed below to complete the workflow setup and configuration.
1. Workflow Process Setup
2. Assign a Default Workflow
3. Activate Workflow Process

1. Workflow Process Setup
After enabling the workflow process, Workflow Process Setup will be available under the Company menu. Selecting this option opens the Workflow Maintenance window where the workflows are set up and maintained.

The available steps for a customized workflow are the same as those in traditional order entry with the addition of the ECI (Estimate/Customer/Insurance) screen. The ECI screen provides the ability to collect information on one screen, traditionally collected on three.
Available Steps:

  • Estimate
  • ECI (Estimate/Customer/Insurance)
  • Customer
  • Insurance
  • Schedule Job
  • Source Parts
  • General Info
  • Save/Print

Depending on the order in which information needs to be collected, the Admin may choose to sequence the steps based on traditional order entry or utilize the new ECI screen, thus, eliminating the need to use the Estimate, Customer and Insurance screens as separate entities to collect information. It is important to sequence the steps in a manner that supports a logical succession.

2. Assign a Default Workflow
Assigning a Default Workflow is done in CSR Configuration under Application Settings. The Default Workflow is launched upon opening a new order. Once a Bill To ID is selected, the Workflow assigned to that Customer Type will launch.

3. Activate Workflow Process
Activating the workflow process is done in Security Groups under the Company menu. There are two settings under the Action Security tab that are pertinent to workflow.

1. Order Entry: Workflow Process
Activate the workflow process by checking the Order Entry: Workflow Process checkbox.
2. Order Entry: Allow Open Navigation of Workflow Process
This setting will allow the user to navigate through the workflow without populating required fields and in a different order in which the steps are defined, whereas leaving the box unchecked will require the user to proceed in the defined order.

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