How do I add a Custom Logo to Purchase Orders? Follow

You can easily add a custom Logo to your Purchase Orders (POs) by placing a bitmap image file that you have saved as "POLogo.bmp" in the C:\GTS\GlaspacLX\OrderPrinting* folder.

To prevent the image from resizing in GlasPac LX, we recommend that you create the image as 650 X 75 pixels or smaller at 100 Dots Per Inch (DPI). If your logo exceeds these dimensions, GlasPac LX will attempt to resize it. Your results may vary.

You can also place the logo into the custom order location for each branch, so that each branch prints purchase orders with a different logo.  If no logo is found in the custom order location, then the logo from the default location will be used.

Once you have setup your custom logo, close GlasPac LX and re-launch the program for your logo to appear on POs.

*Your copy of GlasPac LX may be installed on another drive.  Please check with the person who installed your software if you cannot find the OrderPrinting folder.

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