Novus - QuickBooks Daily Process Follow

NOTE: Only one person may access the IIF Interface at one time, make sure the other accounting techs are not already doing exports before starting.

  1. Check the doc located in Moss> teams> business services> shared documents (on the left)>SQ Novus>Novus QB Export sheet to see your customers and when they need to be exported.
    • Make note of customers who are daily and who are weekly. Weekly IIf’s will be done on MONDAY.
  2. FOR SPOKANE ONLY: open the xfer folder on desktop> Open Spokane Folder> rename newest IIF (add date of export) and delete oldest IIF. You should have 2 IIf’s remaining when done.
  3. Open GlasPac LX and open the IIF interface (green $)
  4. Locate branch you need to export data for
  5. Click on new count
  6. Click export
  7. Repeat steps 4-6 for all branches you need to export that day.
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