Physical Inventory Snapshots Follow

The physical inventory module now provides greater flexibility in managing the physical inventory counting process.

Physical inventory managers are now able to:

  • have multiple snapshots active at the same time for an IC Location
  • create named templates for different types of counts, cycle vs. full
  • use product category lookup to create snapshots
  • quickly display count discrepancies and inventory value impact
  • select items and print recount sheets

Inventory Snapshots and Templates
The Physical Inventory application provides a new screen for managing inventory snapshots and templates. The auto glass part groups now allow a bin range selection. When Other is selected in the Part Group drop down, the Product Category selection appears. Once the desired categories are selected, click the Refresh Item List button to display selected inventory items. A template name can be used to save the template for future counts.

The Create Snapshot button will create an active snapshot for counting for the selected items. An inventory item may exist in multiple templates. However, an item in a given IC Location can only be on one active snapshot at a time. Attempting to add the same IC Item to another snapshot will display the following message.

The Active Snapshots button allows management of the currently active snapshots. To manage a snapshot, select the desired IC Location, then an active snapshot.

Inventory items can be added or deleted from the snapshot. An inventory item must exist for the current IC Location in order to be added to a snapshot. Inventory items cannot be created from this screen.

Click the column heading to sort the parts in the desired sequence for counting. The count sheet will be printed in the order displayed on the screen.

Check the Show Current SOH box to display the snapshot’s SOH quantities

Printing a count sheet with this option selected will also include the snapshot’s SOH quantities on the report.

After counts have been entered, click the Show Difference button to display the results.   Individual inventory items can be selected for a recount.

Click Print Recount Sheets to print count sheets just for the selected items.


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