Updating QuickBooks for GTS Online customers Follow

Note: Takes 10-20 minutes. You will need the password for the admin account in QuickBooks, and the user name if it is not ‘Admin’.

  1. Request a snapshot from systems over Lync.
    • Include the customer’s server name, IP address and Company name in request (can be found in SalesLogix)
  2. User terminal services manager to check who is currently logged on.
    • If no recent activity: Log the user off
    • If recent activity: send the user a message and request they disconnect for the update. If they do not reply/disconnect, log them off after 5 minutes.
  3. Open QuickBooks and sign in as admin
  4. Accept when prompted to update to the latest release
  5. Switch QuickBooks to multi-user mode
  6. Close QuickBooks.
  7. Ensure services are still running by going to start>admin tool>systems. They should be running, and set to automatic.
    • QBFC monitor service
    • QuickBooks DB# (this gets switched to Manuel by the update)
  8. Have systems release the snapshot
  9. You do NOT need to contact the customer about the update. They’ll notice when they sign in.



To Manually download update file open browser go to 


Verify the update you need by clicking on "Change" Next to the product and go to the update below

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