How Do I Attach a File to an Order? Follow

GlasPacLX includes a paperclip feature, allowing you to attach files to a quote or work order. Nearly any type of file can be attached, but it can be particularly helpful to attach image files (e.g., attaching photographs of the damage to a windshield).

The first step is to get the file onto your online server. Once the file is on the server, click the paperclip icon on the lower left of the quote or workorder (to the left of the Make Duplicate button), browse to the file, then select it.

The easiest way to get the files on the server is to use internet email, such as Gmail, Hotmail, or Yahoo mail.

  1. Log into your internet based email from your local computer and email yourself, with the file attached.
  2. Connect to GTS online, open an Internet Explorer window, and log into your email again.
  3. Download the file, then save it to your desktop, or somewhere else easy to find.
  4. Open the quote or order, click on the paperclip, find the file you just saved, and double click on it. The file is now attached.
  5. Delete the file from your desktop. You still have the file on your own computer and have it attached to the document, so there is no reason to keep an extra version online.
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