How do I Install Licenses in FRx? Follow

The FRx 6.7 program must be licensed along with Dynamics GP 10.0. The process for installing the keys is simple but not obvious.

Open FRx 6.7 Report Designer

  1. Click on START > Programs > FRx 6.7 > Report Designer
  2. The program will load and the Select a Company to Work With screen will display
  3. Click the Cancel button.
    1. The primary display will turn gray and only the Function bar will be available.
  4. Click on Admin > Organization to open the registration window.
  5. Enter the following information from the license file received from purchasing:
    1. Organization name
    2. Serial number
    3. Maximum users
    4. Authorization
    5. FRx Demo General Ledger
    6. Great Plains – SQL Server\MSDE
  6. Click OK when done, and close FRx. The program is now fully registered.
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