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Once you have migrated to your new server, there are several environmental and settings changes of which you should be aware.

  1. Secure Connect Passwords: To migrate all of your documents and personal files, GTS must reset your Windows passwords. GTS sends an email with the new passwords for your users on the day prior to your server migration. 
  2. Once-click icons: On the new Windows 2008 R2 server, all of your icons only require a single click to launch the applications. Clicking on the GlasPacLX icon twice may cause it to produce an error saying GlasPacLX has already started.  If this occurs, close the error messages and then single click on the GlasPacLX icon.
  3. LX Usernames and Passwords: Initially when GlasPacLX is launched, the username, password, and branch are not set for the user. Please make a note of this information prior to the migration so you can enter it at the GlasPacLX log on screen. After the initial log on, your username and branch are saved for you.
  4. LX Online Printers: GTS install all available drivers for the printers you use with GlasPacLX, but some adjustments may need to be made. Verify the correct printers are assigned your quotes, workorders, invoices, and reports by clicking on Company > Settings. Under Personal Settings, click Auto Glass Printers and/or Flat Glass Printers for the correct printer and number of copies desired. Verify the Report Printer is also correct.
  5. Sourcing Parts options: The options for sourcing parts are not selected by default on new GlasPacLX installations. Users who access this area of the application must select from the options available at the top of the screen.  Once the correct options are selected, click on the Set Default button to save your settings for all future sourcing.

If you experience any issues with your new server, please contact GTS Customer Support for assistance at 1-800-563-8555 or email support@gtsservices.com.

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