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GlasPacLX 6.31 (LX) changed the way attachments are stored.

The following article provides steps to setup an attachment directory and to configure GlasPacLX 6.31 and newer versions to use that directory to store attachments. If you have an IT professional you might want to refer them to this article.


  • If you are setting up a client/server environment without Active Directory, please see additional instructions as the end of this article. 
  • We suggest that you setup a new user account (call it LXAttachments or something similar) and give it Administrator rights instead of using the Administrator account. This will limit modification access to the folder to only that which can be done in GlasPacLX. 


Creating the Attachments folder

On the C: drive (or on the drive where you have GTS installed), click New Folder, and name it LXAttachments.

Note:  You may want to create the folder inside of the GTS folder, especially if you are backing up that folder with your database.

Setup GlasPacLX

Open GlasPacLX, and click on Company > Settings

Select Attachment Configuration.  It is the last entry in the list.

Enter the following information:

  • Attachment File Path. 
  • Domain or Server Name
  • Username you setup earlier
  • Password for the user you setup earlier

Test Attachments

Open a new Quote, and click on the Attachment icon (it looks like a paperclip).

You may get the following message. Click OK as it is just an informational window:

If you get this window, you have successfully configured attachments for GlasPacLX.

You may want to click the Attach File button, and select a file.  Once you do, the file will display in a list on the window above.

Multiple Computer Setup

If you have multiple computers that will be adding attachments, you will need these additional instructions:

  • Setup User Permissions
    • Create the LX Attachment user on all computers:  Setup the same username and password that you used for LX Attachments on each computer.
    • Create user accounts on the server for each other computer:  Every other computer will have a username that is used when logging on.  This username and the matching password MUST be setup on the server.
  • Share the LX Attachment folder:  Give the Everyone group full access permissions to the share.
  • Set File permissions on the LX Attachment folder:  Give each user account above full rights to the shared folder.
  • Adjust the Attachment File Path in LX:  You will need to change the LX file path to point to the shared file (e.g. \\server_name\share_name).  Without this change, the remote computers will be looking at their local C: drives to save files, and not to the server.

If you have any issues setting up File Attachments in LX, please contact Support.

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