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GlasPacLX (LX) stores various user settings on the local computer.  There are times when these settings need to be checked, changed or cleared, before LX can be run, so it is good to know where they are stored.


Registry Editing

NOTE:  Be VERY careful when accessing the registry.  All changes made to the registry go into effect immediately and there is no UNDO button.

  • To run the Registry Editor (regedit), you will need to open a Command Prompt.
    • Type regedit at the prompt
  • If you are logged on as the user, open the following Registry Keys:
    • Software
    • VB and VBA Program Settings
  • If you are not logged on as the user, but as an Administrator, you will need to find the user first
    • Make sure the user is currently logged on.  User Registry files are dynamic, so if a user is not logged on, you will not be able to find their Registry file.
    • Click on HKEY_USERS
    • Enter Ctrl-F to open the Find window
    • Type the customer's username
    • Click on the Find Next button
    • When the system finds the user name, open the following keys under that entry (This will start with something like S-1-5-21-453...)
      • Software
      • VB and VBA Program Settings

NOTE:  Before making any changes to the Registry, right-click on the Registry Key first, and select Export.  This will allow you to save the settings before making your changes.  If you make a mistake you can always import these settings back in to the Registry.

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