Migrating Dynamics GP users to a new SQL Instance Follow


Users in Dynamics GP (GP) are setup in SQL.  If the database needs to be moved to another SQL instance, users will not be able to use their logons until the process listed below is completed.


Backing up the GP user accounts

  1. Connect to the current SQL Server instance with the Enterprise Manager.*
  2. Click on Tools and select SQL Query Analyzer
  3. Ether copy and paste the script attached to this article into the Analyzer
  4. Click on Query, and select Results to File to save the script’s results to a new file.
  5. Click the Execute Query “Play” button to run the query.
  6. In the Save Results window, select a location to save the file and give it a name ending in .sql. Change the file type to All Files, and click Save
  7. A new SQL script will be created at the location you chose.
  8. Copy this new script to the destination SQL server. Once the Dynamics Databases have been backed up and restored, run the script in the Query Analyzer to recreate the users.

* For systems running SQL 2005 Express:

  1. Connect to the current SQL instance with SQL Server Management Studio Express (free download from Microsoft).
  2. Click on the New Query button on the toolbar
  3. Click on the Results to File button above the Query window
  4. Follow steps 3 – 8 above.
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