LX Mobile Installer Setup Follow

Launch GlasPacLX

Click on Company > Employees

Locate the employee that you will be setting up in LX Mobile, and click Edit Employee

Verify they are set up as an Installer (they should have a Metryx ID)

Go to Company > Installer Maintenance and see if they are assigned an address, and check to see if there are any time constraints or exceptions that need to be added.

Go to Lists > Job Areas and locate the Job Area that the installer is assigned to and edit

Verify Installer is there, or Add them in if necessary

Go to Company > LX Mobile Accounts and verify Branch, Mobile number, User Name, and PW

Also take note of Current Account Usage: Active vs. Maximum obviously they cannot exceed the maximum active licenses

The Installer should now be ready to go

For additional information on how to setup the LX Mobile App on your Android devices, click on the link below:

GlasPacLX Mobile Field Technician Equipment User Reference

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