Steps to confirm that EDI ports are open for mail transmission Follow

Follow these steps on the client’s computer that will be sending/receiving EDI Batches

  1. Install the Microsoft Tool PortQry Command Line Port Scanner Version 2.0 from
  2. Unzip the files to C:\PortQryV2
  3. Go to and obtain the IP Address for the customer’s computer.
  4. Open a command line window by going to Start>Run>CMD
    1. Type the following commands:
      • cd \
      • cd portqryv2
      • portqry -n IPADDRESS -p both -r 21:22 –l FTPports.txt
        Note: IPADDRESS equals the IP Address obtained in step 3
      • portqry -n IPADDRESS -p both -r 4000:4005 –l EDI4000ports.txt
      • portqry -n IPADDRESS -p both -r 4996:5000 –l EDI4996ports.txt
  5. Review the log files (txt, EDI4000ports.txt, and EDI4996ports.txt) in C:\PortQryV2\
    • Items to keep in mind as you review the log are:
      • This is not a full list of required ports for FTP over SSL. Ports 21,22, and 4000 through 5000 need to be open. This is just a sampling of the required ports to provide insight for any potential network issues
      • LISTENING - A process is listening on the port on the computer that you selected.
      • NOT LISTENING - No process is listening on the target port on the target system.
      • FILTERED - The port on the computer that you selected is being filtered.
  6. If ports are coming up as NOT LISTENING, IT personnel need to be contacted to ensure that ports 21, 22 and 4000 through 5000 are available.
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