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It is HIGHLY suggested that you run daily backups of your GlasPacLX and other business critical information and take copies of these backups OFF SITE.

NOTE GTS Online customers, do use these instructions.  Your entire server is already being backed up every night.

Backing up GlasPacLX

GlasPacLX has a built in backup process, but it must be setup before it will start making backups.

Log on to your GlasPacLX software as a user who has administrator rights.  (If you have the ability to setup user accounts, you most likely have administrator rights).

Click on Tools > Database Backup

Database Backup/Restore

Select the time of day you want backups to begin running in the Start Time drop-down box.  Put a check mark in the Scheduled Backup Enabled box to activate the automatic backup feature.  Click the Save button to complete the setup.

Backup Verification

To verify that your backups have run successfully, check the following folder:


In this folder you will see a backup file named GlasPacLX_SetA.bak or something similar.  You may also see a file with SetB as part of the name. One of these files should have a date stamp from the previous day, or the current day if you run backups in the early morning.  Both of these files should be copied to a removable Flash Drive and taken out of the building each night.

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