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Occasionally Microsoft SQL Server 2005 will need to be installed manually.  The following document will walk through the steps needed to properly install this application.  The installer can be found on any GlasPacLX (LX) 5.34 install media.  Do not use the version from LX 6.31 media as the installation will not complete.

Installation Process

Launch the Setup.exe application from the media.

Click next through each of the screens.  Allow Prerequisites to be installed.  Verify that the System Configuration Check shows a status of Success on each of the tests it runs.

When you reach the Registration Information screen, uncheck the Hide advanced configuration options box.

Leave all options on the Feature Selection screen set to their defaults.

Once you reach the Instance Name screen, verify that Named Instance is selected, and then enter GTS as the instance name.

On the Service Account screen, change the Use the built-in System account to Local System, and put a check in the SQL Browser box.

On the Authentication Mode screen, select Mixed Mode, and then enter the GTS sa password on the Enter Password and Confirm password lines.

Click through the remaining screens, and then click Install on the Ready to Install screen.

Once the installation completes, click the Finish button.

Follow the steps here to complete the process.


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