How do I setup Flat Glass Fabrications & Options Follow


Set up fabrications or options which can be added to any of your flat glass products. The term “fabrication” is used to describe additional work that is done to a piece of flat glass or a flat-glass product, such as beveling an edge, drilling a hole, cutting a notch, etc. Whereas “Options” refer to the accessory parts that are added to the flat glass, such as handles, locks, frames, etc.


The options and fabrications that you set up here will be available for selection by clicking the “Add Fabs/Options” button in Product Lookup to all users, regardless of branch, during order entry.

  1. From the Products menu, select either Fabrications or Options to open the corresponding Finder.
  2. Select the Add New Fabrication or the Add New Option button to display a product maintenance window similar to the one shown below.
  3. Fill in the ID, Description, Category, Discount Type, Tax Type, and G/L fields as required. If you are unsure of what to enter in a field, insert the cursor in that field and press the F1 key on your keyboard.

Note: The following product category fields do not have F1 help:

Category ¾Use the lookup icon to access the category explorer, and choose the product category into which this type of flat glass fits.

Fab/Options Category ¾Use the lookup icon to access the category explorer. Choose the category or subcategory of fabrications and/or options that are applicable to this type of glass. These are the only fabrications and options the CSR will be able to attach to this type of glass on an order.

After entering information in the six required fields (ID, Description, Category, Discount Type, Tax Type, and G/L Account), you can save this record and go back at any time to complete the other pricing fields or make changes.

  1. The rest of the fields are reserved for pricing specifications. Determine the type of pricing you want to use and fill in the appropriate fields, using the F1 key for assistance. Since there are various ways to price this product, we suggest that you take a look at the pricing options here.
  1. If you want to add a note to this product definition, select the View Note button. You can set this note to pop up when this product is added to a quote, to be saved with a quote for this product, and to print on a quote for this product.
  2. When you are finished defining this new product, select the Save button.
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