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On the last day of each month, the Binswanger Vertex tax tables must be updated.  Binwanger will provide the update file, but the process to update the SQL data must be performed by a Systems team member.  If you have not received notice that the data file is ready within 5 days of the end of the month, contact Keith Chatman kchatman@binswangerglass.com.

Update Process

After 7:00pm Pacific time, log on to the DC1TSV00 ( server.

The update files will be stored in the following location:


The folders for the files are listed by Month and Year (e.g. January 2015).  Copy the entire folder to the C: drive of the DC1TSV00 server.  Delete any previous update folders to reclaim drive space.

Click on START > All Programs > Vertex Sales Tax, and launch Sales Tax Utilities.

Click on the Connect button.

Enter the Password found in KeyPass.  You should receive a message reporting that "All databases were opened successfully."

Click the Update button.

Select the Update folder using the File Path button.

Click FIRST on GeoCoder, and wait for the updates to finish processing.  This update may take a while

Next, click on Update Rate.  This update is generally very quick.

Once both updates have been completed, click the Close button.

Click the EXIT button to close the SQL connection and end the program.



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