Troubleshooting Printer Issues on GTS Online Follow

Can the local PC print?

  • The local Windows PC must be able to print to the printer prior to being able to print from the LX server
  • Verify with a test page that the PC is printing correctly with the current driver and any new drivers you have installed

Can the GTS Online server print?

  • Print a test page from the session printer to verify that Windows is able to send print jobs to the printer

Verify GlasPacLX printer settings

  • Check which printers are setup in Company Settings
    • This is especially true if printers have similar names
  • Verify that no Printing Overrides have been setup for the branch
    • Branch Override settings will take precedence
  • Make sure the user is not trying to print Finder “reports”
    • Printing directly from a finder will use the Windows default printer
    • Verify that the default printer is set correctly

Some printers just won't work

  • Non PCL printers
    • PS (Post Script)
    • GDI (Host Based)
  • Lexmark without matching drivers
  • Some, like Canon, are PCL printers, but will not work with generic drivers
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