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Running GlasPacLX Mobile on a Handheld Device

GlasPacLX Mobile can be downloaded and installed from the Android Market by searching for ‘GlasPacLX’. Users are automatically notified when updates are available. Start the application to display the login screen. Enter the user name, password and cell phone number assigned to this device in LX Mobile User Accounts described in article GlasPacLX Mobile User Reference.

An error message is displayed if any of the login information doesn’t match the setup in GlasPacLX. Once successfully logged in, the user name, and cell phone are stored on the phone. The password needs to be entered every time at login. The user name and password can be changed if the phone is given to a different technician. However, the cell phone number will be saved and not have to be reentered.

The technician can view a map of all jobs on the schedule by touching the “Locate All” button. Touching each point on the map displays the customer name.

Touch the menu icon to display options for GlasPacLX Mobile. Touch “Parts Pickup” to display parts to be picked up for the scheduled jobs. Parts will be grouped by pickup location. Red indicates required information needs to be entered. Touch the part to enter shipper number to acknowledge that the part has been picked up.

Touch the back arrow to return to job list. Touch the job to display the work order options.

Upon arriving at the job, the technician will punch in by touching “Start”. The starting time will be recorded with the work order automatically updated in the GlasPacLX database. The job is now in progress.

Parts requiring information will be highlighted in red. Touch the part to enter required information.

Parts will display black when requirements have been met.

Items not used can be deleted. However, adding parts or price changes need to be done in GlasPacLX. The work order will then be automatically resent to device reflecting changes.

Notes will be stored in GlasPacLX order notes. Photos will be stored as attachments.

When the job is completed and all required data has been entered, touch “Complete Job..Collect Payment” from the vehicle screen. If the job was successfully completed, touch “Yes”, the “Finish Order” which will display the order summary. Touch “Continue” to select payment options or “Cancel” to exit payment process.

Choose the appropriate payment option. Jobs for customers with accounts will have, “On Account” as a payment option. With integrated credit card processing, touch “Swipe” to process the credit card.

Once payment information is entered, the signature screen appears. Have the customer sign the screen or select “Customer Not Available” to bypass signature capture. Signature image will be store as an attachment to the work order in GlasPacLX.

Check “Email Receipt” to send receipt to customer. Or, touch “Print Receipt” and select printer to print on portable Bluetooth printer. Touch “Done” when complete to remove job from queue and return to job list.

Pairing Bluetooth devices

The first time a handheld device and printer are used together, they must be paired. If the printer does not show on the “Select Bluetooth Device” screen, ensure the printer is turned on and choose “Discover more devices…”. Choosing the printer device will generate a pairing request. Enter “0000” to pair the printer with the handheld device.


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