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General Application Settings

GlasPacLX Mobile allows payments to be received by technicians in the field. These payments will be posted to the work order in GlasPac®LX. GlasPac®LX must be configured to accept payments on work orders by ensuring that the, ‘Accept Payments on Cash Sale/Invoice Only’ option is not checked.

Once registration has been completed, the Administrator Password will be provided by GTS Technical Support. This password enables the Internet connection between GlasPac®LX and the GlasPacLX Mobile devices. Enter the GlasPacLX Mobile Administrator Password in Company -> Settings -> LX Mobile Settings

Branch Settings

GlasPacLX Mobile receipt formats for each branch are controlled in Company -> Order Printing -> LX Mobile Print Options.

Mobile Technician Settings

GlasPacLX Mobile Technician accounts are managed in Company -> LX Mobile Accounts. Once GlasPacLX Mobile has been properly registered, the number of GlasPacLX Mobile licenses will be displayed as # Maximum. If the number is incorrect, contact GTS Technical Support for assistance.

Dispatching Work Orders to Mobile Technicians

Required fields on the Customer screen are listed below, which must be entered before a work order will be dispatched to a mobile technician.

Only work orders scheduled for the current day will be dispatched to GlasPacLX Mobile devices.

Once all requirements are satisfied, the work order will be dispatched to the GlasPacLX Mobile device.

Monitoring Mobile Technician Status


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