How do I Import a Parts List to a GTS Online Server? Follow

File Format

The list should be in excel or csv format.

  1. For GTS Online customers, have them email the parts list to
  2. Save the attachment to your desktop.  
  3. Start > Run > \\<SeverIPAddress>\C$.
  4. Copy from your desktop and paste to the GTS Online desktop.
  5. Log into the customer’s server, and run GlasPacLX.
  6. Select Purchasing > Vendor Maintenance.
  7. Double-click the vendor whose price list this is for and then click Edit Vendor Costs.
  8. Delete the current prices by left-click dragging the list and click Delete.
  9. Save and then re-open the Edit Vendor Costs button.
  10. Click Import and navigate to the price list csv or excel file.
  11. Open and it should import the list.

Miscellaneous Bulk Parts Import

Must be in this format: CSV extension – comma delimited.

Column a = part number

Column b = part description

Column c = list price

REMOVE any empty columns and try the import.

Bulk Miscellaneous Parts Import Advanced Considerations

The Bulk Miscellaneous Parts Import feature lets you import your miscellaneous parts data into GlasPacLX as long as they are saved as Comma Separated Value (*.csv) files.

The following format is for more advanced users: Part Number, Description, List Price, ExternalProductID (Optional), ExternalProductUOM (Optional), Standard Cost (Optional)

Note: The last 3 fields added are optional, but if filled in, GlasPacLX will import that data into ExternalProductID,  ExternalProductUOM, and StandardCost of that part as appropriate.

It does not matter which software application you use, as long as your data is listed and saved in the CSV format as follows:

BackTint,Back Glass Tinting,$50.00,BackTint,Each,$29.00

Sunscreen,Windshield Sunscreen Film,$25.00,Sunscreen,Each,$12.00

GlassCleaner,Glass Cleaner,$2.99,GlassCleaner,Each,$1.25

Scraper,Pinchweld Scraper,$20.00,Scraper,Each,$9.99

WiperBlade,Windshield Wiper Blade,$15.00,WiperBlade,Each,$4.25

KeyCut,Key Cutting Charge,$2.00,KeyCut,Each,$1.00

MirrorPreCut,Pre Cut Mirror,$50.00,MirrorPreCut,Each,$39.00

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