How do I send an EDI Batch? Follow

EDI invoices need to be deliberately sent by the user. This is done in 2 steps.


EDI>Create New EDI Batch to bring up the EDI Batch window.

The EDI Batch window defaults to the most recent 2 month period. Users can extend the range further back (sometimes necessary when re-batching older corrected rejects) entering or selecting an older date in the Start Date field.

Click the Find Now button and the window will be populated by all available and un-batched EDI invoices.

Users can click the Select All button or use the shift key + click or control key + click to get more specific about which invoices they want included in the batch.

Clicking Make Batch in the bottom left corner will assign the batch whatever the next sequence number is and the batch will then be ready to send.

Once the batch is made it can be sent from the EDI>Send/Receive window.

It will show here.

Send/Receive radio button is already selected. Click Begin and the file will be zipped and uploaded to the EDI Server. Once it is done successfully the user will see this window again, but empty.

For more information on viewing EDI Feedback, see the following article:

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