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The following procedure is for internal support use only. This procedure includes details of the application that is confidential and never shared with end-users of the software.


Attachments in GlasPacLX versions PRIOR TO 6.31 are stored on the server in the \GTS\GlaspacLX\UserData folder in a file entitled dafa.dat. The dafa.dat file is a compressed and encrypted folder. It possible to copy and rename the file to and see the contents. The contents are attached files renamed with GUIDs from the database. The files are protected with the password “elmosux”.

The following procedure can be used to rebuild a dafa.dat file that is corrupted and not working. To perform this easily and on large dafa.dat files it is recommended to use 7-zip to do the compression and password protection. This procedure assumes that 7-zip is installed. 7-zip is available at

  1. Make a copy of the Dafa.dat file.
  2. Change the extension of the Dafa – Copy.dat file to .zip.
  3. Select Yes to the Rename window to confirm the file extension change.
  4. Right-click on the dafa – From the 7-zip menu select the Extract to “dafa – Copy\”
  5. In the Enter Password window, enter “elmosux” and Click OK.
  6. The files will be extracted and the password protection removed. Note any errors that appear in the screen. These files may not be recovered or may be corrupted and cause problems.
    Note: The attached files are renamed with db GUIDs and have no extension.
  7. Click on the dafa – copy folder that was created to open it.
  8. Press Control – A to select all the files in the folder.
  9. Right click on one of the selected files. From the 7-zip menu select Add to archive…

  10. In the Add to Archive window
    1. change the Archive format to zip
    2. Under the encryption section, enter the password “elmosux”
    3. Note the Archive name, this is the file that will be created in the dafa – Copy
  11. In the dafa – Copy folder there will be new .zip file created in the previous step. In this example the file is named dafa – Move this file into place on the server into the \GTS\GlasPacLX\Userdata folder.
  12. In the Userdata folder rename the previous dafa.dat file if it is there to dafa.old
  13. Now rename the new file, in this case dafa –, to dafa.dat

 The new file is in place, test to make sure it is working.

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