Annual GlasPacLX Registration Follow


Your copy of GlasPacLX needs to be registered each year.  Once the registration date has passed, you will no longer be able to log on to GlasPacLX.


You will begin to get the following notification from GlasPacLX starting ten (10) days prior to your expiration date.

NOTE:  This message will only appear to the first person to log on to GlasPacLX each day, so make sure your staff notifies you when they see the expiration message.

If you click Yes on this message, you will be asked to enter your name to accept the terms of the Annual License Agreement.  Once you have entered your name and clicked OK, you will see the following registration window:

Make sure you are in front of your computer, and call the 800 number listed on the Registration window.  A GlasPacLX Software Support Technician will assist you with getting your GlasPacLX software registered for another year.

NOTE:  If your account is on-hold, you will need to speak with the GTS Accounting team before a Technician can register your GlasPacLX software.

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