Creating the File Transfer folder for Secure Connect users. Follow


In order to download files from their GTS Online server, end users must have an Xfer folder setup.  They must also be added to the correct F5 group(s).


Setting up the user account

The user must be added to the correct F5 groups in Active Directory.  Currently there are two sets of F5 Groups.  This is because we have the current F5 Firepass unit, and we have a new F5 Big IP unit that is being implemented.  Until the F5 Firepass unit is decommissioned, add all of the following groups to the user.  Make sure to remove any groups that do not start with F5_, as they will cause problems with the F5 Firepass.

F5 Firepass group


F5 Big IP group


*This is in addition to all other F5_ groups needed to allow the user to log on and use their server.


Create the folder and set File and Share permissions

  • Open File Explorer, and select Computer > Local Disk (C:)
  • Select and open the GTS folder.
    • If there is not already an ACCDATA folder, create it.
      • Click New Folder at the top of the screen, and then type ACCDATA where it says New folder.
  • Open the ACCDATA folder
    • Click New Folder and name that folder Xfer
      • Right-click the Xfer folder, and select Properties
      • Select the Sharing tab
        • Click the Advanced Sharing . . . button
        • Put a check in the Share this folder box
        • Change the Share name to Xfer$
        • Click the Permissions button
        • Put a check in the Full Control - Allow box
        • Click OK, and then click OK again to exit Advanced Sharing
      • Select the Security tab
      • Verify that the company's user group (e.g. DC1234LXUsers) is listed in the Group or user names box.  It should show Full Control - Allow.
      • If the company's user group is not listed, close out of the ACCDATA properties window.  Navigate up to the GTS folder and add the company's user group.  Edit the permissions and give the group Full Control - Allow permissions



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