How do I change a Workorder to a Cash Sale Follow


When you notice that someone has received a full payment on a workorder, and you wish to convert it to a Cash Sale.

GlasPac LX Process

  • Open the workorder with that has the full payment received.

  • Click the Customer [F6] tab

  • From the Customer ID pull down box, select your Cash customer.
  • If the Name box changes, re-enter the customer’s name that was previously entered.
  • Click the Save/Print [F9] tab to change the Type of Order to Cash Sale.
  • Print and Save as usual.
  • Run the Integration Tool to send this updated information to QuickBooks.

QuickBooks Process

  • When the Integration Tool is finished, run the GTS Daily Sales report (it’s a report on the memorized report list).

  • You should notice the newly converted Cash Sale and a refund.
    • The Cash Sale recognizes the income earned

  • The Refund recognizes the applied deposit

  • The Refund also automatically applies to the Cash Sale invoice, as seen through the invoice History button

Sometimes the integration tool simply imports a cash sale with a 0.00 amount. In this case, the applied deposit is a line on the invoice. Also, in this case no refund is imported to attach to the cash sale.


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