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Each computer Organizational Unit (OU) within the 2008 Active Directory (AD) network, has a unique set of rules in the Group Policy (GPO). When a computer is added to the domain, it needs to be added to the correct OU to assign those rules.

Computer Naming Convention

With the exception of servers and virtual machines (vm), the GTS standard naming convention for workstations is the username of the user assigned to the machine. Prior to adding the computer to the AD, a unique name must be assigned. In cases where a user is assigned more than one computer, the second machine should be designated with the username and some identifier for a unique name. Use best judgment when assigning the second computer name.

Adding the computer to the Active Directory

Best practice for adding a computer to the Active Directory, is to create a new Computer object in the correct OU first. Adding the Computer object by changing the domain on the PC before creating the Computer object will place the new Computer object in the default Computers OU. If the Computer object is left in this OU, it will not receive the correct GPO settings such as commands that install the Anti-Virus application. Please follow the steps below when adding a computer to the Active Directory

  1. Name the computer
  2. Log on to one of the Active Directory Domain Controllers
  3. Open the Active Directory Users and Computers applet
  4. Browse to the appropriate computer OU:
    • Admin Workstations
    • Dev Workstations
    • Workstations - Desktops
    • Workstations - Laptops
    • Workstations - Virtual
  5. Right-click on the OU's name, and select New > Computer from the list
  6. Type the computer's name on the Computer Name field

At this point, you can add the computer to the network by initiateing a request from the new machine as normal.

The computer will now be added to the correct OU, and will receive all of the GPO settings for that OU.

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